Jon Bibbs Launches New Vocal Studio

Having performed throughout the United States, Jon Bibbs is now making his singing expertise available to others who have strong desire to develop their own vocal talents. Bibbs' ambitious plan for his new venture will begin this summer with one-on-one and group singing lessons for students ages 13 and up. 

The second stage of Bibbs' development plan includes a video subscription service for vocal aficionados of all kinds - public speakers, voice over artists, actors and of course, singers. The video subscription service will launch in 2018. 

When asked why he's chosen to open this unique venture at this time Bibbs says, "I've always loved singing. It's a part of who I am. It is one of the things I have consistently worked to understand and master throughout my life. To me singing is a lifelong adventure. I want to be a part of other vocalists discovering the joys of singing just the way I have discovered them and enjoyed them. Technology makes this so much easier. We've developed to a point now, where you can be anywhere in the world you want to be. I want to be where the singers are! Now's the perfect time to do that because technology has made that possible."

Bibbs will begin taking applications for Vocal Booth one-on-one and group sessions later this month through his website: