The Effervescent Beauty of Timmy P's "Dear One"

Those who have listened my music over the years, know that the theme that resonates in my heart louder than any other is LOVE! As I sit here listening to the Timmy P's latest release, I find myself smiling. This brother has created a masterful piece of music dedicated to the love of his life. In compositions that are delightfully modern in their production and lyrical approach, Timmy has put together a record that underscores the most timeless aspects of life-long love. In this way he has created something truly unique - an exploration of traditional values couched in an irresistibly modern setting. 

You can't listen to this record without being swept away by the rhythms. Likewise you can't listen without sensing that Timmy P's messaging has found it's way into your heart and your mind. This is a record about love - the real kind - and in so being, it lives up to it's name. This album is most definitely a Dear One. Well done Timmy! 

You can check out Timmy P's "Dear One" on pretty much any digital music service. You can also click the album art on this page to listen at iTunes.